CMU Communicator

Communicator Installation Instructions

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Before you install...

Please carefully read the requirements.


  1. Unzip the Communicator distribution onto a local destination folder, denoted from now on by <ROOT>\. You need at least 400MB of disk space.
  2. Edit <ROOT>\config\default\launchall.cfg and launchall.bat to incorporate the directory changes, then edit hub.pgm to modify the log directory.
  3. Download the ActivePerl installable and carry out the installation, accepting all default options.
  4. Download the Windows version of MySQL zipped installable. Unzip to a temporary directory and run setup.exe to install MySQL onto a local destination folder, denoted from now on by <MySQL>\. Please accept all default options in the installation procedure.
  5. Append the <MySQL>\bin directory to the system environment variable PATH. In Control Panel, click on the System icon to bring up System Properties dialog. Under the Advanced tab, open up the Environment Variables dialog and find the System variable PATH. Append <MySQL>\bin to the value.
  6. In a command prompt, run setup.bat at the <ROOT>\ directory.
  7. If you using the telephony setup, follow the wiring instructions.

Test Your Installation

  1. If you are using microphone, run %WINDIR%\system32\sndrec32.exe, (otherwise known as Sound Recorder). Record a small voice clip with your microphone and play it back. Make sure the recorder plays a decent recording of your voice.
  2. Run <ROOT>\config\default\launchall.bat. Check the pmonitor and HUB window to make sure all servers are running. Note. Sphinx takes a minute or two to load.
  3. If everything runs OKAY, click on PICK UP in the Gentner_Emu window and talk to Communicator through a microphone. Try to schedule a flight as a guest user.

Troubleshooting and Other Issues

  1. The very first thing you should do is check for patches to see if your problem has already been solved.
  2. The rather annoying Ding! sound made by Sphinx after every utterance should be replaced by our one and only <ROOT>\cmu\systems\WRSTBEEP.WAV. In Control Panel, click on the Sounds and Multimedia icon to bring up the Sounds and Multimedia dialog. Find the Critical Stop sound event, then click on Browse to select our one and only <ROOT>\cmu\systems\WRSTBEEP.WAV. Click Okay to commit the change.
  3. To lessen strain on system storage, <ROOT>\cmu\systems\abe\hotels_cache.pag, hotels_cache.lock, and hotels_cache.dir can be periodicallyremoved. Also, periodically run <ROOT>\cmu\systems\abe\cleanup.bat to safely delete webpage templates.
  4. If you are having difficulties, please feel free to contact us for help. If you have encountered a problem and have a work-around, let us know as well, so we can share it with others.

Please email all comments and feedbacks to Yitao Sun.