CMU BusLine

When's the next bus?

BusLine provides comprehensive information about bus schedules in and out of the Oakland/CMU area. The information is retrieved from the PAT website and is nominally accurate (i.e., there's no guarantee that a bus will show up at precisely its scheduled time...) 
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Speech Lab (11-754) [Spring 2001]

BusLine is being used as the domain of application for a course in dialog system design. Students in this course will learn how to build a complete telephone-based voice interface for the BusLine service, including recognition, understanding, dialog management, language generation and speech synthesis components. This course concentrates on the language and dialog aspects of the problem (as opposed to telephony issues or domain extensions). For more information, take a look at the course description or get in touch with either Alex Rudnicky or Alan Black.

Some Pointers

An interview with the developer of an application that accesses CalTrain schedules. Good comments about the problems of building a speech app.

A blanket patent (6,006,159) covering the idea of providing live schedule information. Can you really patent this idea?